January 2014 - 180° test video shooting for the BiLi Project


At IBC 2013, France Télévisions introduced the binaural listening project BiLi, a collaboration involving ten French partners from 2013 to 2016.

Binaural listening is reported to have great potential in the consumer domain for an immersive experience such as 3D audio over headphones.

France Télévisions leads the BiLi Project, with Radio France and the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique de Paris, feeding the partners with reference multichannel, 3D audio and object-orientated content to drive development.

BiLi gathers research teams from IRCAM, Orange Labs and LIMSI-CNRS, along with the companies A-Volute, Trinnov Audio, Digital Media Solutions and Arkamys.


October 2013 - ROLEX Farr 40 Newport Regatta projection on the stand of ROLEX at the Boat Show in Genova

TOTAVISION Rolex_news1


September 2013 - Test of a new 50 fps sensor

Test of a new 50fps sensor in the parc of the Château de Versailles.

Download movie


Test of a new 50fps sensor in the Parc de Saint Cloud and in the parc of the Château de Versailles.

Download movie


May 2013 - Development of an IMAX-Dome type digital camera


full size image 4000 x 4000 resolution

TOTAVISION has just proceeded to the first test shooting with a new digital IMAX Dome type camera, designed by the COSMOVISION Company.


April 2011 - Fulldome in the Atacama desert - Chile

TOTAVISION Atacama_news1


March 2011- Fulldome at the Pic du Midi

TOTAVISION Pic_du_midi_news1


February 2011 - Fulldome test at Paris Observatory

TOTAVISION Observatoire_news1


November 2010 - 270° in Dubaï

TOTAVISION Dubai_news1


TOTAVISION Dubai_news2






August 2010 - Science and Curiosities at the court of Versailles

TOTAVISION Versailles_news1


TOTAVISION Versailles_news2


TOTAVISION Versailles_news3





Opening the exhibit, a 360° movie, projected on an ellipse shape screen of 9ft heigh by 105ft of perimeter, throws the visitor into a Versailles which he had never dared to imagine. Thanks to several amazing processes, the audience is immersed for a few minutes into 2 decades of history and almost 20 spots of science to experiment, among other things, the first flight in hot-air balloon, the dissection of a horse in the stables, or an eclipse at the Grand Trianon.

Direction : François-Hugues de Vaumas / Aloest Productions

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