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The Deep Dome Theatres are a new concept of immersive theaters, aimed primarily at Entertainment Parks and Tourist Interpretation Centers.

It combines two immersive techniques, innovative and complementary : High Definition video shootings as for "Planetarium", and an hemispherical projection Planetarium-type too, but reversed. Instead the dome projection beeing above the public, here the public stands above the reversed dome. In this way, the public has a birds-eye view of the inverted half sphere, which here forms the projection screen.


Digital Deep_Dome

Registered Design


This principle is perfectly adapted to aerial or underwater shooting, provided that they are of course filmed properly so that the vision of the public stays "logical". This screen layout is suitable for helicopter overflights of any regions. Plains, hills, mountains, deserts… acquire here an astonishing relief because of the unusual angle of observation. Exactly the same pleasure as with a real helicopter.

But the vision is not only downward, because the peripheral edge of the screen (where the public stands), rises above the horizon. We do not only see what is below us, but also what is around us.

The panoramic camera used here is the same as the one used by TOTAVISION for his movies for Planetariums, but its position is upside-down. The camera does not film the sky and the stars but now the ground we are flying over. The procedure is the same for the overview of the seabed and its inhabitants...


Registered Design / Architect : Alain Carasso


Registered Design / Architect : Alain Carasso


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