Interior decoration with panoramic video


This project is based on the main know-how of the TOTAVISION Company : The production of long lasting and very high definition video sequences showing the most beautiful sites of our planet. Applied to the interior decoration, it becomes a new and original way to create, in any room, a huge window, wide open on the World. This special effect is adaptable to any space, private or collective.

Galerie des Glaces

Its main aim consists in virtually transporting your bedroom, your bathroom, your living room but also the underground breakfast hall of your hotel, to the place you wish : mountains, country, beach, famous touristic sights (Tour Eiffel, Mont Saint Michel, Iguassou waterfalls, Taj Mahal, …)

You wake up, you are in your bed, in your own house or in your hotel, and when you open your eyes, in front of you, on the opposite wall of your bed, the sun slowly rises on Long Beach. It’s not a movie, it’s real, because the view lasts, and lasts…. in real time and as long as you wish.


Architect : Alain Carasso


Architect : Alain Carasso


Architect : Alain Carasso


Architect : Alain Carasso


The principle? A giant video projection of the site you want to look at, in a panoramic format, as sharp as if you really were there, lasting between one to two hours. The sound too, adjustable.The picture covers the entire wall so that you can believe that the forth wall of your bedroom has vanished. You can walk in front of your “missing wall” in the outfits you wish, because nobody can see you.

A sudden desire to change your landscape ? A single click and you are immediately tele-transported to a new place.

The technology is quite simple : For the projection, a large white wall, and a mighty but silent H.D. videoprojector installed in a small technical room behind the wall of the bedroom. For the different scenes, a catalogue of long lasting panoramic video sequences is available. Always increasing to offer a larger and larger choice.

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