360° videos

A unique selection of seamless 360° panoramic videos shot with our camera : For viewing comfort, the videos presented here show only a 200° field of view.

Our full resolution is 12 000 x 1 080 pixels, ProRes 422(HQ) at 25/30 fps. This image size is suitable for giant screens and panoramic theatres.



Science and Curiosities at the court of Versailles 360°

Excerpt of the panoramic movie presented at the "Sciences et curiosités à la cour de Versailles" exhibit.

This exhibit traces the history of the main scientific discoveries maid at the Castle of Versailles.

See the webpage of the exhibition : Sciences and Curiosities at the court of Versailles

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Film 220° Concert au Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris

Tournage en 220° de 6 pièces musicales, composées et interprétées par les étudiants du CNSMDP. La captation sonore est réalisée en Binaural par les équipes du Conservatoire, dans le cadre du projet Bili.

Oeuvre présentée ici : "Je bois" de Yannick LESTRA.

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200° shooting for Project BiLi

200° shooting of a concert of Jacques Lenot at IRCAM (France). Sound caption is made with a Binaural system.

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ROLEX Farr 40 regatta in Newport in 270°

Shots of the Farr 40 regatta, branded by ROLEX. Movie projected on the stand of ROLEX at the International Boat Show in Genova (Italy) in 2013.

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Riverboat 360°

Boat trip along the river Seine.

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Paris 360° Place de l'Etoile Day/Night

The Place de l'Etoile in Paris in 360°. Slow transition from day to night.

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Mont Saint-Michel 360°

Timelapse panorama facing the Mont Saint-Michel. Video capturing made with 8 Full HD 3CCD Cameras.

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Car poursuite 360°

Car poursuite in 360° in the greek mountains. This show was made without any stabilization system. The panoramic FOV allows to judge the stability of our 360° camera.

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Santorini 360°

Church in the center of Santorini island (Greece). This sequence illustrates the effect of a panning movement of the camera, which is unusual (unnecessary) in 360°. The aim is to keep the main subject in the center of the frame, thus enhancing the immersive effect during projection.

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Calanques 360°

Helicopter sequence over the calanques in France. Camera is fixed without any gyro head.

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Parc des Princes 360°

Football match between Paris Saint-Germain and Olympic de Marseille at the Parc des Princes. This sequence was shot with 5 cameras on the 8 we use for classical 360° (200° instead of full 360° FOV).

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Xixi National Wetland Park 360°

Balloon trip over the Xixi National Wetland Park in the Hangzou province of China.

For more information about the Park, see Chinatour360.

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Helicopter 360°

Helicopter shooting in the surroundings of Nisramont (Belgium). First test of a nose-mount without gyro head. This test was made in 2010.

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