Panoramic 360° video and Fulldome shooting solutions



Production and movie direction :

TOTAVISION is a Film Production Company specialized in panoramic formats. We are expert in 360° video and 360° fulldome capture for 360° theaters, Planetariums and Geodes, up to 72 feet diameter.

From scene to screen, we support any project requiring shooting video standard 360° (cylindrical screens) or 360° fulldome (hemispherical screens).

Our two panoramic formats: Video 360° and 360° Fulldome. Any shooting conditions : ground, aerial, water, extreme warm/cold, timelapse...and post-production : editing, special effects and soundtracks.


Advisor for panoramic formats :

360° fulldome formats are very specific formats, called "non framing" formats. Writing a script, the filming technique, the design of machinery, lighting, editing, projection, sound management ... Everything has to be reconsidered. 360° is not merely a "large 16/9th format". TOTAVISION has its own crew and its own process for 360° shooting : 8 stitched Full HD C-MOS sensors, for perfect seamless video pictures. Technical specifications: datasheets.

However, it is not uncommon that a same film requires different capture techniques, so different rigs, and the use of other panoramic processes.


Managing global projects :

The Production of a classical 360° or a fulldome movie is not separable from the conditions and the place where it will be projected. Moreover, pre-existing spaces for panoramic 360° projections are so scarce , that we are sometimes led to build dedicated screens fot the projects entrusted to us.


Research and Development :

TOTAVISION researches and regularly tests upcoming sensors come from the most recent technologies. Constantly improving the details of its own 360° process, and integrating Ultra High quality sensors and state-of-the-art lenses.

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